What we do


In today’s marketing world, a lot of routes to the market have been tried and tested. Among these, traditional advertising – Television, print, social medias – is quite expensive and calculating the ROI can be very difficult over a long period of time. It’s also difficult to cut through all the marketing ‘buzz’ that is created. Consumers are exposed to over 10,000 messages every day!

A more direct, face–to–face approach is required. That’s why Twinstar Inc. exists.,

We approach high profile corporate and government people who are our potential customers ; through which we facilitate our associates engaging directly with them – face to face. We call it ‘The Human Commercial’

We provide our business partners with
  • Full marketing accountability
  • Trained and experienced sales marketers
  • A tailored approach
  • Economies of scale from our unparalleled size
  • The ability to scale up and down as required
  • A campaign support team looking out for our partner’s best interests
  • Access to the resources they need to flourish