Our People

Managing Directors

I started my career in the age of 23, after finishing my Engineering in 2015.After laying the stone of Twinstar Inc. in Ahmedabad my dreams got feathers to fly in many cities where I am managing two cities right now i.e. Surat & Ahmedabad. I run a management company and for me management means “where to say what, to whom and how” and this is what I coach people on while giving them an opportunity in my company.

Tulsi Jain

With twists and turns, I began my journey of getting into the concept of leadership after completion of my engineering in 2015.Being indifferent is what I demand from my career and to face new leadership challenges and difficulties, I stepped to a new city Surat and started my venture called Apsis Management(Sub Branch of Twinstar Inc.)

Sunny Panchal

(Apsis Mgmt)

I, Managing Director of Fusion Management (Parent Branch of Twinstar Inc.) took up a challenge to open up a new city called Ahmedabad in 2012. My vision is to generate such an atmosphere in my organization where people can have an understanding about what actually is “Enterpeurship”.

Harishchandra Joshi

(Fusion Management)


I tried to be a core pillar of Twinstar Inc., which exactly is the key role of a HR.Being a part of this company, I experienced and learned how to nourish our people so that they can grow while passing through the various levels of management.

Shivani Sharma

(Twinstar Inc.)

Changing the way up when the things are not working is my strategy of keeping the company consistently growing. As a HR, I enlighten the vision of the associates in our company to touch the pinnacles of enterpeurship.

Ishita Rajguru

(Fusion Management)