Welcome to Twinstar Inc.

Welcome to Twinstar Inc., one of India’s most young and dynamic face to face marketing company. We, at Twinstar Inc. serve our clients by increasing their market share and improve their sales and marketing strategies through the use of our "human commercial"

Since our inception in 2016, Twinstar Inc. has always been rising to deliver the best results to our clients in terms of business generation and giving them a better brand image & visibility in the market.

In our organization we invest on our people, we deliver our people a comprehensive personality development and leadership mentoring program providing every individual working with the organization, the opportunity to flourish and achieve success in the corporate world.

Now with a marketing network that spans across India, together as one team, we are creating a path for the future.

For our clients, we provide a simple and effective marketing strategy.

  • We provide a professional, dedicated sales and marketing team for their campaigns.
  • We create exposure of their product or service whilst maximizing the impact with a cost effective method

For the consumer, we provide quality and convenience

  • Quality products and services conveniently accessed and tailored to their individual needs and wants.
  • Unrivalled levels of customer service, providing customer satisfaction

For our people, we provide unlimited career opportunities

  • Structured ongoing training and continual support through a network currently spanning over 29 countries.
  • Promotions determined by measured achievements.
  • A unique and dynamic working environment - a culture that balance professionalism with enthusiasm, support with competition.

Through the combination of total commitment to our people, clients, customers and a high standard of work ethics we are confident we will meet all of our expectations and exceed them in the future.