Welcome to Twinstar Inc.

Welcome to Twinstar Inc., one of India’s most young and dynamic face to face marketing company. We, at Twinstar Inc. serve our clients by increasing their market share and improve their sales and marketing strategies through the use of our "human commercial"

Since our inception in 2016, Twinstar Inc. has always been rising to deliver the best results to our clients in terms of business generation and giving them a better brand image & visibility in the market.

In our organization we invest on our people, we deliver our people a comprehensive personality development and leadership mentoring program providing every individual working with the organization, the opportunity to flourish and achieve success in the corporate world.

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Business Leadership Program

The Business Leadership Programme is a 5 stage programme that will allow you to develop all the skills necessary at every level. By completing the programme you will become competent in the skills required to manage SBU(Strategic Business Unit) . You have the opportunity to progress at your own rate with no restrictions whatsoever. The people that successfully complete the leadership development programme normally do so within 6-10 months.

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Training Module

First 30 days

Smart Selling

Brand Awareness and Promotions

Confidence Enhancement

Time Management

Customer Service

Client Representation

Sales Analysis

New Customer acquisition

75 days

Training and development

Business Communication

Market Analysis

Quality Management

Individual Financial Management

Self Assessment

Facilitation Skills

Level 1 Recruitment

120 days

Team Management

Performance Accountability

Sales Strategy

Public Speaking

Team Profitability

Business Strategy Planning

Decision Making Skills

Comparative Analysis

Harishchandra Joshi
Managing Director
(Fusion Management)
Sunny Panchal
Managing Director
(Apsis Mgmt)
Tulsi Jain
Managing Director
(Twinstar Inc.)

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Twinstar is one of the most progressive direct sales and marketing company.


"These few months of working with the company has given me a chance to explore a plethora of dimensions right from being a business associate to a crew leader. The opportunity to work as a HR development manager imbibed in me the knowledge in the HR function while at the same time enhancing my marketing skills. If I need to describe my experience then in two words, I'll gladly say 'Holistic Development".


I came here, I was not knowing anything about the opportunity but sequentially I explored & learned alot. There are challenges but I found that with patience I can achieve anything. And I'll like to create identity through this company.


After completion of MBA from NIT Bhopal I was looking for work and I got interviewed in this organisation for the position of Business Associate and currently I hold the position of leader. My managers identified my potential and encouraged me at every step. They used to train me in every level and still train to get a better position. This also made me believe that I can achieve a leading position. I am grateful to Mr. Harish Chandra Joshi, Ms. Tulsi Jain and Mr. Sunny Panchal.


I came with aspiration...grew with experiences that is gonna cherish with me to my life...Twinstar Inc articulated to the better version of me.


After completing my electrical engineering, I was very much confused about my future. Bt when i joined this company i felt that i got even better platform then what i dreamed. Here i got the opportunity to develop my communication skills,attitute,leadership qualities and various other skills. At present i am very much confident about my future with Twinstar Inc.


After joining Twinstar Inc, I enhanced my knowledge, communication skills and personality inshort developed my interpersonal skills. I built my leadership quality and learned many new things over here.